The best for your relaxation and the acquisition of harmony of body and soul can be found inour wellness center. Enjoy the procedures provided by physiotherapists withmany years of experience in balneology, saunas, whirlpool with hydromassage, variouswraps, massages ...

For each type of stay, it is always stated whether it includes free entry towellness, which is available to guests every day from 3 pm to 9 pm. Also fornon-accommodated guests we offer the possibility of using wellness (jacuzzi withhydromassage, Finnish or herbal sauna, infrared cabin, Kneipppedal bath) in the price of 18 € / person / 2.5 hours depending on capacityoptions.

In the summer months there is an outdoor pool available for our guests withdeck chairs.

List of procedures


  • Finish Sauna
  • Herbal Sanarium
  • Infrared Cabin

Sauna with high temperature (up to 120 ° C) and humidity of about 10 %.After cooling in a cold pool, outdoors or under a cold shower,stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. Watering hotstones with water with fragrant substances increases the enjoyment of the bath.

Duration of the procedure: 90 min

Price 10 €

The alternation of beneficial heat and subsequent cooling strengthens the immune system andimproves blood circulation. Steam enriched with herbal extracts has a positive effect onthe respiratory tract and the skin. The whole metabolism works at full speed,after cleansing, the body returns to balance with the soul. Temperature: 60 ° C, humidityair 50-70 %.

Duration of the procedure: 20 minutes / 3 repetitions

Price 8 €

Infrared energy has a particularly positive effect on the amount of treatmentprocesses. The heat is not only placed on the skin like a heat blanket, butpenetrates to a depth of 4 cm below the surface of the skin, thereby stimulating the muscles andorgans. An increase in internal body temperature leads to severe congestionmusculature, stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the breakdown of harmful substances(fat, heavy metals and other toxic substances).

Analyzes have shown that the volume of sweat that is produced in IR heatcabin, consists of 80 % of water and 20 % of toxic substances such as cadmium, nickel,lead, chlorine, etc. These substances are stored in the kidneys and under the skin. It occursto cellulite. High calorie consumption in the IR heat cabin (up to 600 kcal persitting) promotes the breakdown of adipose tissue and to a large extent alsodetoxification. Medical research has yielded extraordinary results in treatmentvarious skin, muscle and joint diseases, sciatica, menopause,inflammation of the joints, stiffness of the neck and shoulder area, rheumatic disorders,ear pain and hyperextensive injuries of the cervical spine, in painlower back, arthritis of the shoulder muscles, back pain in the trunk area,muscle strain, menstrual difficulties, in certain formsrheumatic disorders and diseases of the digestive organs.

At the first signs of a cold, more sessions can strengthen the immune systemsystem and lead to a reduction in virus production. Due to IR treatment it slows downchronic otitis media, sore throat, nosebleeds.

Duration of the procedure: 20 minutes

Price 8 €

Jacuzzi with hydromassage

  • Jacuzzi with hydromassage

Vodný kúpeľ s masážou prostredníctvom niekoľkých trysiek, ktoré pôsobia na uvoľnenie stuhnutých svalových a spojivových tkanív, zmierňuje sa bolesť a dochádza k čiastočnému uvoľneniu kĺbov.

Teplota vody: 37 ºC

Dĺžka trvania procedúry: 15 minút

Cena: 8 €


  • classical massage
  • Organic honey massage with wrap
  • Aromatherapy massage with coconut oil

It is a manual application of targeted mechanical stimuli, it is supportedemptying of superficial veins, lymphatic vessels, excretion of sweatglands, normalization of skin tension, improves blood flow, absorptionswelling, sprains, has a relaxing effect on muscles, improves tissue nutrition andrelieves pain. Reflexively and by changing the blood flow, the massage also affects othersorgans and has calming and stimulating effects on the body. During the massage,use local massage means (water and baby soap, massage emulsion,oils).

Duration of the procedure: 20/40 minutes

Price 16/26 €

The purpose of heat and beeswax therapy is deep, harmonizing overheatingthe organism. Honey acts internally as an antimicrobial, promotes positive forces andMicroorganisms, helps repel negative forces. Propolis has a disinfectanteffects, relieves pain. Use intensifies and improves the formation and flowbody temperatures. Natural waxes, vitamins, trace elements, oils and enzymescontained in the propolis will take care of the regeneration of the organism. Honey wrapuses beeswax in Organic quality.

Duration of the procedure: 40 minutes

Price 33 €

Massage with virgin coconut oil is a very pleasant therapy that mild Pressure on muscles heals injuries, relieves pain and stress, improves bloodcirculation, increases the supply of nutrients to tissues, helps flush out of toxic substancesfrom the body, promotes the breakdown of fats and relieves tension. During the massage,release hormones (endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine) whichthey contribute to a good mood and reduce the sensitivity to pain. The muscles areexposed to light pressure, blood circulation is stimulated under the skin and in the muscles,Increased circulation brings more oxygen to the tissues and regenerates them. Thisoil has been used for centuries, high content of antioxidants helps in recoveryskin, protects it from free radicals and external factors that have onConscience aging skin. And last but not least, there is an unrivaled scent,which is soothing and at the same time neutralizes body odor.

Duration of the procedure: 30 minutes

Price 26 €

Other procedures

  • Peat wrap
  • Chocolate wrap
  • Kneipp foot bath
  • Bioptron® Lamp
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Hay bio wrap
  • Electrotherapy (based on medical consultation)

Wrap that warms the body due to the effect of fine-grained, naturalsediments from the sea or special soil. It supplies the organism with valuablenutrients and minerals. During the wrap there is also a localtotal overheating of the body. It causes a reduction in swelling around the joints,reduction of muscle tension, improvement of nutrition of cartilage, connective tissuesand intervertebral discs. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens immunity andarticulated mobility.

Duration of the procedure: 20 minutes

Price 14 €

The uniqueness of chocolate was known more than 2000 years ago. At that time,knew that it gave the body a feeling of good mood and significantly rejuvenated the skin.Chocolate contains many useful elements for the human body, cocoaprevents the penetration of free radicals, is harmonizing and gentlestimulating. Theobromine contained in cocoa acts similarly to caffeine, butnot so strong, it acts on the vascular endings in the skin and activates metabolism.Chocolate can stimulate dopamine production in the brain and release endorphins andserotonin, sources of happiness. Thanks to the chocolate wrap, the body through the skinabsorbs vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants. It has a beneficialeffect on heart function and detoxification, flushing out unwanted and toxicSubstances. Chocolate contains antioxidants that strengthen the immune system.

Chocolate therapy is an exceptional remedy against winter depression, stress and badmood. It also helps with cellulite, renews and moisturizes the skin, manageseven with toxic substances settled under the skin. It leaves the skin soft andnourished, shrouded in the smell of sweet chocolate, which you will still feel wholeday.

Duration of the procedure: 20 minutes

Price 22 €

Active movement by stepping in trays with round stones and with warm andcold water, which has a beneficial effect on circulatory disorders (coldlegs), headaches and migraines.

Water temperature: cold 10-15 ºC, hot 40-50 ºC.

Duration of the procedure: 10 minutes

Price 7 €

Light therapy BIOPTRON® can also be used as an adjunct to conventional treatment methods as well asstand-alone therapy in certain indications and may:

  • improve microcirculation
  • harmonize metabolic processes
  • strengthen the defense system of the human body
  • stimulate the regenerative and healing processes of the whole organism
  • promote wound healing
  • relieve pain or decrease its intensity

Exceptional properties of light BIOPTRON®allow light to penetrate not only the skin but also the tissues which areare below it. Therefore, the positive effects of BIOPTRON® light are not limitedonly to treat the skin, but have beneficial effects on the whole organism.

Duration of the procedure: 8 minutes

Price 7 €

This is the inhalation of air enriched with 40-60% oxygen. Indications:headaches and leg pain, loss of appetite, increased fatigue, sleep disorders, mentalproblems, depression, functional respiratory problems, lung and bronchial diseases,in the treatment of malignancies, heart disease, as prevention.Oxygen therapy strengthens the body's defenses against infections,vascular and cancer diseases, migraines, stress, overwork. He hasbeneficial effect on the body in high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcersforelegs, cardiac arrhythmia, angine pectoris, after infarction. Strengthensthe body before surgery and has a beneficial postoperative effect. It helps inregeneration of the organism during and after chemotherapy and irradiation, increases resistanceagainst fumes in the air, delays the signs of aging.

Duration of the procedure: 20/40 minutes

Price 10/14 €

The ideal means to relax muscles, promote blood circulation and tothe start of organ detoxification. The wrap is made of fermentednatural hay from remote and unfertilized meadows, contains a high proportionessential oils, lactic acid, provitamin A and vitamin D.

Duration of the procedure: 20 minutes

Price 22 €

Duration of the procedure: 15 minutes

Price 10 €